About “The Sidewinder”


Hello! Thanks for visiting my blog.

My name is Ben Harris – aka The Sidewinder, Shoes, Harris, ‘Arris, Baz, Benny Boy and a few others i’d best not write on a darts blogging site!

I am a very amateur darts player, who in January 2017, decided to pick up the arrows again and start to knuckle down on one of my favourite sports. I want this blog, not only to help me, but to help you fellow players find that inner Van Gerwen that we all know (read wish) that we had, the you hit rock bottom and feel like hanging your darts up for the last time? Think Again.

As a passionate player, i was keen to get straight back on it, and back to my mediocre playing days (winning more than i lost on a Tuesday night pub-league match. however, this was more difficult than i anticipated – read from my first post to find out all about the past present, and maybe an insight to where i’d like to be in the near-distant future!


Watch This Space…