Tuesday 24th January – The DadVsLad Derby

Now then. all of us out there want to absolutely smash their requisite parents at something, there is something awesome about a father-son competition that just gets the adrenaline flowing!

My old man is a top lad, and also a very steady dart player! He is one of those annoying players who can hit steady 60’s and the odd “accidental cover shot” on the T18’s

he came over on Tuesday night for 2 reasons, #1 for a game of arrows with his lad (me) and #2 is absolutely comical…

on my birthday weekend at the start of january, i really wanted to put up my new Winmau Blade 5 board between the 2 Juliette Doors we have. With a surround, it would’ve fitted perfectly, so all was well and good!

marked it up exactly central, first hole went in, fine, (i was holding a damp cloth to try to catch the rubble and dust!)and when he drilled hole 2, it needed a bit more man power, so put his whole body weight on it, and guess what? water was not only dripping down the damp cloth, it was bursting out of the new whole we’d just created – the Mrs’ face was priceless! Dad said “stop squeezing the cloth, you’ll get wet everywhere” and i replied “Dad, it’s not the cloth that’s leaking!” LOL it was hilarious!

so anyways, he fixed that and has been round since to check his work, so off we went onto the darts match

with Dad, we tend to either play 301 set play (best of 5 for the set) and best of 3 in sets; or we play the premier league format (which starts soon woo hoo) I basically call it first to 7, or a 6 – draw!

i started off lovely darts, nothing major with regards to finishes or scores, and i suddenly found myself 5-1 up! But it swiftly turned around from there… My form dropped terribly, i hit a massive slump in which i literally was trying too hard! i couldn’t release my darts properly, i wanted to give up, and my 5-1 lead ended up in a 7-5 defeat – i was not a happy bunny to say the least! I’d coasted my way to 5 legs, but couldn’t cross the finish line!

ive been practising recently, and had some help from a good mate of mine, and come up with a few reasons as to why I lost that game, why this slump came around, and what i can do to avoid it:

  1. stop trying so hard! I was almost chucking the darts at the T20, and was just hoping one went in?
  2. calm down and focus – you know you can do it, so do it again!
  3. keep your whole body balanced and still, even your head! I noticed i moved about on the oche way too much to throw steady darts
  4. be confident, if you’ve already said in your head when you step up to the oche on a 116 finish “i cant finish this” then you wont – believe in yourself, and good things will come your way!
  5. glass of water – an odd one, I’ll give you that, but this is as important to me as bringing my actual darts! I need this glass of water – it helps me in so many ways                     it keeps you hydrated; takes your mind off your bad darts when you hit a slump; keeps your fingers moist so you can grip a dart – the list goes on


anyways, i was writing this post to basically tell yo guy to #JustKeepChucking – believe in yourself and be confident!!!

Sidewinder 😀dart-backgroundPlaceholder Image




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